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It's easy to use and almost immediate access to needed data
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Astro22 Professional Astrology 6.0 is an astrology program for astrological presentation charts. This application has a self contained environment which uses multiple document interfaces for its working. Multiple windows can be opened, resized and manipulated without any interference caused to the other programs running.

Astro22 Professional Astrology gives immediate access to data such as transits, progressions and comparisons. The graphic charts can be animated and the planets can be viewed in motion. They can be even brought to alignment with some critical dates. Custom color schemes can be created for screen presentations. Colors for planets, aspect line and zodiac wheels respectively can also be changed. The back screen can be customized by using any .JPG or.BMP file. The program also features a 13 sign zodiac which calculates and displays the bargain 13 sign zodiac. It uses Swiss ephemeris calculation routines. The asteroids can be included within the calculations using this.

The users can benefit from this program as no technological information related to astrology is required. A detailed or a brief version of the astrological values can be taken with the help of this program. It provides with ease and accuracy while operating it.

Luis Sanchez
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  • High resolution and animation makes it lively and easy to operate


  • Transit screens and biorhythms can be difficult for a novice to understand
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